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NOTE: These servers are only accessible from on-campus or using a VPN

  • For VPN information:

  • System Rules - Please Read

  • Useful Commands
  • Useful Tools
  • Solutions to Common Problems
  • Cadence Startup Files
  • Hspice Startup Files
  • System Admin:
  • Please direct all access requests to
  • Urgent problems, call (949)824-2222 or visit
  • Useful Commands:

    Command What it does
    man commandgives information about command
    quota -vwill tell you what your usage is.
    rmremoves files (man rm for more information)
    rmdirremoves an empty directory
    (man rmdir for more information)
    /usr/bin/ps -lu $USERshows all process owned by you
    /usr/bin/kill PIDkills process identified by PID (get PID from ps command)
    du -sk * | sort -n
    du -sk .??* | sort -n
    gives usage information for files and directories
    dos2unixRemoves Windows control characters from a file.
    Usage: dos2unix myfile > mycleanfile
    niceruns a command so it takes less system resources.
    Usage: nice -19 virtuoso &

    Useful Tools:

    Tool What it doesWhere to get it
    PuTTY Free SSH client for Windows. Allows command line logins to Unix servers
    SSH Tunneling
    VPN Secure tunnel connection to campus
    WinSCP Free Secure Copy/FTP Client
    Xming Free X server for Windows

    Solutions to Common Problems:

    Symptom Solution
    I keep seeing "Over Quota" messages. What does that mean and what do I do about it. It means you've used all your allocated disk space. To save more files, you'll need to remove some.

    Things to check:

  • Make sure you empty your trash when you throw files away
  • Remove old files by ftp'ing them to another computer then throwing them away
  • Use the command
    rm filename
    to remove large, unused files
  • I'm trying to reduce my quota usage but I can't get it to go down even though I've thrown a lot of files in the trash. Just like PC's, the files don't disappear when you throw them in the trash. You have to empty the trash to get them removed from your quota usage. If you've logged in using SSH, rm the file.
    XWin-32 gives an error like this:

    ILLEGAL HOST KEY FOR Remove SSH2|key_?? and try again if you think that this is normal.

    This should fix the problem:
  • Exit X-Win32
  • Start F-Secure
  • Select: Settings->Edit->Host Keys
  • Select any keys with zuma in them and delete.
  • restart X-Win32
  • When I sign into I don't get my usual prompt My session just has a >

    When I try to run a command like 'ls', it says command not found

    The problem is probably because you either edited your .cshrc file and made mistake or deleted your .cshrc file.

  • If you edited the file with a PC editor it probably added bad control characters in the file (^M's). Please use a unix editor to edit these files.
    See dos2unix above to fix

  • If you edited the file, back out the last changes you made, especially any that have to do with the path

  • If you deleted the file, you can copy a clean one from /dcs/skel/.cshrc:
    /bin/cp .cshrc .cshrc.broken
    /bin/cp /dcs/skel/.cshrc . (that's a dot)

    Always make a backup of the file before you edit it.

  • I keep getting the message:

    You already have a magic process running
    Only one magic process may be run at a time

    You may one run one magic process because it takes up too much system resources. If you've forgotten to exit the process, you can identify it using the 'ps' command and kill it using the 'kill' command (see Useful Commands above).
    Cadence says my files are locked! How do I fix this? Cadence locks files so that files are not edited by two independent copies of Cadence. However, sometimes lock files are not correctly removed. In this case you may get a message like
    "Couldn't get a write lock for..."
    If you are sure that your files are not opened in another instance of Cadence you can use the command
    to delete the offending lock files.
    Cadence crashed, I forgot to save, and I lost hours of work! What do I do? Restart Cadence. Hopefully you will get a message like:

    Cellview (part1 layout) from lib (lab3) is saved in the 
    panic file (/home/username/cadence/lab3/part1/layout/

    To recover do:

    dbOpenPanicCellView("lab3" "part1" "layout")

    Just paste the last line into the bottom text input box of the ICFB window (the first window that appears). It should respond with some sort of cryptic success message. Then simply open that cellview and hopefully most of your work will be restored.